GaN Power Amplifier Design and Applications

Ideal for digital transmission applications in surveillance, law enforcement, military UAV and UGV, airborne data/telemetry and television broadcasting.

Troll Systems has developed and uses proprietary linearization technology to minimize distortion and provide superior signal quality for complex multi-carrier modulations. Our technology approach allows us to create highly efficient power amplifiers that minimize DC power consumption, generate less heat, and reduce the size and weight of our product packages in order to suit a wide variety of mobile, wireless communications systems.

Troll Systems’ products also meet the stringent standards requirements for both the United States and European wireless video transmissions.

Linearity and Efficiency Advantages

Troll power amplifiers operate with any DC power supply from 12VDC to 30VDC while operating at up to 20% efficiency with linear RF characteristics. Our products operate closer to P1dB (Psat) while generating more useful linear power (EVM 1% to 4%) than other products on the market today (i.e. less “back-off”).

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Customizable to Suit Specific Requirements

Our linearization technology provides the flexibility needed to customize our products to suit specific requirements. We can easily modify and tune units to meet bandwidth and linearity requirements for any digital communication standard such as QPSK, QAM or OFDM. To find out more about our patent-pending linearization technology, we invite you to contact us to discuss your particular system application and requirements.