Encrypted Stream Player - ESP2000

HD Video Decoder

  • HDMI video decoder with fully managed private encrypted network over existing IP infrastructure

  • Stand-alone IP Decoder with B-Crypt Decryption and Echo Transport Stream

Troll’s ESP2000 is designed to decrypt IP video transport streams for display. It provides the ability to receive encrypted unicast or multi-cast ethernet video sources and display them in full HD resolution 1080/60 via HDMI or down converted to composite video signals.

Each ESP includes unique decryption keys that enable secure video to be decoded and displayed over private or public networks. Using ESP’s echo function enables secure or decrypted video transport streams to be unicast or multi-cast to other IP addresses. This Echo capability allows customers to use ESP to manage video distribution and allow access to authorized users, network groups or wider audiences.

  • Decrypt secure IP video transport streams for display
  • Support for unique decryption keys
  • User selectable resolutions up to 1080/60
  • Echo functions to distribute secure video to other nodes
  • Support for unicast UDP, RTP or multi-cast reception
  • Support for unicast or multi-cast echo retransmission
  • Optional DVR