Ultra-fast MEMS based Inertial Navigation System (IMU) - INS-200

Combines a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis magnetometer to calculate the precise position and orientation of an airborne vehicle relative to its altitude above the terrain.

Troll’s INS-200 is DO-160 tested and manufactured to MIL standards. The INS-200 has a 1 sigma dynamic accuracy of better than 5mrad in pitch/roll and less than 8 milliradian (mrad) in heading. The INS-200 incorporates aerospace grade temperature and barometric pressure sensors that can access calibration coefficient tables stored on the sensor to ensure extremely accurate measurements over the full operating range, in real-time. To eliminate the effects of variations in forces and noise, a Kalman filter uses data streams from each sensor to produce, in parallel, an ultra-low latency, statistically optimal estimate of the vehicle's dead reckoning relative to the actual environment much faster than the GPS receiver can process updates.

Troll’s INS -200 features a fast 5 second start-up fix and GPS lock enabling the onboard Digital Terrain Data to react quickly to the operational environment to a ground level accuracy of 1 meter. The INS-200 supports industry standard protocol and incorporates serial or Ethernet interface connections. Optionally the DTED terrain maps can be used to support many applications, including line-of-sight analyses, terrain profiling and mission planning/rehearsal.

    The INS200 is the only miniature INS with:

  • Ethernet interface
  • IP67 weatherproof enclosure
  • DO160 qualification
  • 100VDC overvoltage protection
  • Emulates industry standard protocols
  • Reports magnetic variation
  • Automatic magnetometer calibration
  • Altitude reported in AGL, MSL and WGS84
  • Automatic revert to AHRS mode with loss of GPS
  • Fastest INS lock time – ready to navigate in seconds

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