Spectrum Tracking Antennas Designed for Auto-Acquisition of Airborne or Ground Vehicles

Troll’s ST500 Spectrum Track Antenna will automatically acquire and maintain your data link by accurately tracking fast-moving airborne or ground vehicle RF signals, even in saturated RF environments.  Troll’s Spectrum Track™ is the ultimate in simple, hands-off operation and is as easy to use as an omni antenna.

Troll’s ST500 spectrum tracking antenna maximizes any data link’s range and performance. Easy to operate, ST antennas automatically locate your airborne or ground radio frequency emitters and tracking them effortlessly. Tracking can be maintained during rapid movement from both transmitting and receiving assets and can aquire signal lock during a “fly by.”

Troll’s ST Series antennas support multiple bands including; UHF, L, S, C, X and Ku. They are available in single, dual or tri-band configurations. ST series antennas are radio-agnostic, and will track any RF signal waveform, analog or digital. Since these antennas receive and transmit very narrow beams of energy, any influence of interfering or jamming signals is minimized while signal integrity is improved.

  • Long-range signal tracking
  • Designed for permanent or tripod mounted tactical applications
  • Receive perfect images from your airborne assets while moving or stationary
  • Minimal operator intervention required - simply select the required frequency
  • The most robust, multi-path immune, long range capable antenna system

Spectrum Tracking Software

Support is also provided for all standard metadata protocols including: NMEA, KLV 601 and Rover. Typical field and mobile applications:

  • Defense Infrastructure
  • Military Surveillance
  • Ground Tracking Systems for Manned and Unmanned Air and Ground Vehicles