Tactical Ground Data Terminals, Antenna and Radio Control Systems for Highly Mobile Operations

Two to Eight Channel OFDM, COFDM DVB-T, ISDB-T, TCDLs, CMDL, TDMA, WiFi 802.11, TAC., 466, Analog FM

Troll Systems' mobile tracking antennas incorporate Troll's unique air-to-ground tracking methods in vehicle mounted form-factors. These systems can automatically locate and lock-on transmission signals under highly mobile conditions to provide long-range video data links. Depending on the model, Troll's unique antenna tracking capabilities enable these systems to maintain the highest quality air-to- ground signal reception continuously updating their point-to-position even when both platforms are moving rapidly.

  • Evaluates the availability and location of the radio frequency emitters

  • Extends the range and reliability of video and data from unmanned aircraft or ground vehicles

  • Two to eight input diversity configurations
  • Bidirectional configurations with high-gain signal tracking
  • Auto-acquisition of airborne vehicles
  • Improved signal reception in crowded RF environments
  • GPS auto-positioning and locating
  • Easy to deploy IP networks