Unmanned ISR Platforms

Extended Range Air-to-Ground Auto-Tracking Antenna and Control Systems for Bidirectional HD Video and Data

Troll Systems Products a Brief Histroy

In 1987 Troll Technologies designed the first airborne directional antennas for use by commercial broadcasters and airborne law enforcement. Eight years later, Troll Technologies was purchased by Wescam the world’s foremost manufacturer of gyro-stabilized EO/IR cameras. For the next seven years, Troll developed high-gain, directional tracking antennas, map-based microwave data link controllers, and microwave control systems.

Today, Troll Systems is a turn-key supplier of long-range, air-to-ground IP data links, and has recently completed customized projects for seven of the ten largest military contractors in the world.

Air-to-Ground Signal Tracking with the SkyLink Mini

   Skylink Mini was first tactically deployed in 2009 and later became the only azimuth and elevation stabilized antenna to pass DO-160 testing.

Mini II was introduced in 2011 with new features:

  • Dual-polarization
  • Embedded INS
  • Support for multi-band microwave communications
  • Bidirectional MIMO support
  • Ruggedized MIL-STD construction

The MINI II's improvements further reduced installation and operational costs making it the antenna of choice for agile airborne, vehicle and ground ISR infrastructure.

MT-Series High-Gain Ground Antennas - Expanding the Range of UAVs Beyond Expectation

Ultra-High-Gain Mobile Ground Antenna

Now in their seventh year, MT series antennas are available in two tracking sizes and are designed to provide customers with fully-automated, network-centric, long-range, ground data terminals.

Utilizing a variety of proprietary and patented tracking methodologies, MT series antennas ensure robust data links that will improve security, distance and throughput for any UAV platform.  MT series antennas optionally feature simultaneous transmission and reception in up to four frequency bands, and if required, a UHF control link is a simple add-on.

MT-Series airborne and ground antennas have been proven in high-bit-rate, full motion video and data scenarios to a range of 315 km.