Airborne Microwave Communications Split Head Controller C90/C10

  • Complete Airborne Microwave Control System
  • VGA Video Output to your Onboard Monitor
  • Avionics Grade Controller
  • Moving Map Displayed on your Monitor

The C10/C90 is the “Split-Head” version of Troll’s popular C100 touchscreen controller. The C10/C90 control system directly controls the SkyLinkTM antenna systems and related equipment. The C90 unit outputs a graphical overlay to a VGA monitor onboard the aircraft.

Since the C90 does not employ the usage of a GUI interface like our C100 touchscreen controller system, this system includes the C10 mechanical controller interface. The C10 is panel-mounted and features a rotary encoder, push buttons and a toggle switch that enable you to navigate among control functions including terrain maps, video, RF signal characteristics, antenna switching, power monitoring, antenna tracking and waypoint selection

In addition to SkyLink antennas, the C10/C90 can control:

  • Microwave radios
  • Power system
  • Audio/Video routers
  • Digital encoders/decoders