Data and Video IP Encapsulator (DAVIE)

The DAVIE is a payload controller and network hub that manages bidirectional video and data transmission systems.

DAVIE can act like a client or a server

The DAVIE integrates control of the microwave data link, asset tracking, sensor payload management, video processing and secure IP networking to and from an aircraft.

User friendly and easy to set-up, the DAVIE features intuitive, touch- screen operator modes to simplify the setup and streamline complex transmission systems, while providing advanced users with the ability to customize and further refine their mission systems.

Used primarily to support bidirectional communications, the DAVIE can act like a client or a server. This enables ground or air crews to control and optimize the transmission system from either side of the network.

The DAVIE manages:

  • Antennas
  • Link Performance
  • Calibration and Tracking
  • Transmission Frequency, Modulation, Range and Bit-rate
  • Data Transmission
  • Reception Priority
  • Transmitters and Receivers
  • Video and Audio Recording, Encoding, Decoding and Encryption
  • Multi-Format Video Transcoding
  • Fiber Links and Transport Streams
  • Routers, Laptops, Digital I/O and other IP Devices in the Air or on the Ground

For the operator the DAVIE features:

  • Large touch screen displays or remote PC control
  • Preset modes that quickly allow operators to optimize performance
  • Antenna calibration based on the receive signal
  • On-the-fly ability to send and receive commands as a client or server