Airborne Data Link Controller (ABLE)

ABLE is a bidirectional transceiver and switching antenna system that interfaces transmitters, amplifiers, receivers, filters, GPS antenna, IMU and tracking antennas onboard an aircraft.

With simultaneous transmit and receive paths connected to all the tracking antennas on the aircraft, ABLE continuously evaluates receive signals from each antenna in order to send only the best signal to the receiver.


Designed to support spatial diversity airborne antenna systems, ABLE evaluates all of the receive and transmit signals on board an aircraft in order to manage inputs and outputs to improve reception. The ABLE routes transmission through one or more power amplifiers to all the bidirectional antennas mounted to the aircraft’s fuselage. Their location is determined so one or more aircraft mounted antennas does not lose line-of-sight (LOS) with ground-stations. This combination of intelligent signal processing, switching precision and spatial diversity, enables Troll to flawlessly deliver uninterrupted, IP video and data to a maximum range of 150nmi. (315km)