Deployable, Airborne Tracking Antenna, SkyLink SP

Three-Axis Stablized, High-Gain Video Downlink Transmit and Receive System

The SkyLink SP provides rotor-wing customers with the ability to deploy Troll’s popular Skylink Mini II below landing skids and payloads that could cause signal interference. Unlike omni antennas which radiate radio frequency in all directions the SkyLink SP emits its signal energy in a narrow < 30° cone-shaped pattern to improve range, throughput and data link reliability.  The SkyLink SP’s embedded IMU provides GPS and heading data enabling the antenna to automatically track receive antennas on the ground.

The SkyLink SP can mount to the skid crosstube or aircraft step. It deploys below the landing skids, eliminating interference caused by the airframe, skids, and external payloads such as camera systems and searchlights. At less than 20 lbs. total weight and 22 lbs. drag @ 100 knots, the SkyLink SP is appropriate for all rotor-wing aircraft types.

Installation is quick and easy. The SkyLink SP simply requires Troll’s Network Link Box and pilot panel for a complete unidirectional or bidirectional transmission system. The Network LinkBox provides all the microwave equipment including transmitters, receivers, encoders, decoders and encryption.Troll’s Network LinkBox also connects, onboard cameras, mapping, antenna tracking while providing Ethernet connectivity to and from ground installations.

SkyLink SP deployable antenna

  • High-definition airborne antenna system
  • Azimuth and elevation steering
  • Embedded INS
  • High gain, low multipath pattern
  • Multiple transmit and receive options
  • Multi-band options

Troll's pilot panel provides onboard control of the antenna's deployment and retraction.


Like all of Trolls' deployable antennas, the SP is fitted with a frangible link to ensure the safe landing even in the unlikely event that the antenna is not retracted before touchdown.